Herald Sun War on Science #6: What the IPCC models failed to predict… more babes in bikinis

More shocking evidence that the IPCC failed to predict significant changes resulting from climate change. Fortunately, the Herald Sun as pointed out the obvious and glaring omission from their Fourth Assessment report.

As a direct result of global warming there will no doubt be an inevitable increase of more babes in bikinis.

As the HUN points out in their reporting of the record temperatures in Victoria, hotter weather means more babes.

Two recent stories in the HUN blow the lid on this shameful failure of the IPCC.

That the IPCC failed to model and predict and statistical increase in scantily clad young women is is further evidence of their incompetence. Hide the decline?

Global warming? Yes, yes, yes!

How about hiding the bikini!

Don't worry, really there is an upside to climate change...

Climate change? Phwwwwwwrrr!

Note: this is classic HUN reporting on science. As further evidence of global warming becomes clearer they’ve decided it’s an opportunity to titillate and distract us from concerns that there may be a problem. Global warming? Yes OK,… but look boobies!

Bait and switch indeed.


One thought on “Herald Sun War on Science #6: What the IPCC models failed to predict… more babes in bikinis

  1. Tim says:

    They might not look so healthy however – not when the bulk of our primary food production collapse and other less direct results of decreased biodiversity allow for great viral diseases.. But I guess half-starved young woman have long been the beauties of pop media… Such a ridiculous statement is something you’d expect from “redneck” media, not something at least trying to come across as professional.

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