New denialist campaign from IPA: the counter offensive has begun

A source of mine (hat tip to Big Buck Hunter) has alerted me to a new push by the denial movement in trying to shape the debate.     

A new book has been published by the Institute of Public Affairs and includes articles from some of the denial movements most prominent figures (Plimer, Monckton):    

The counter offensive has begun


 Climate change, the facts. Note the irony in my delivery of that last sentence.    

Apparently some Members of Parliament (MPs) are getting hit with brochures and email spam for the above. The IPA have created a web site to accompany the book at  

Free copies will most likely be distributed to politicians, so expect a fresh batch of “talking points” from “sceptical” politicians.  A copy of the book is coming to me: analysis of contents soon.     

The site declares:    

The world’s best scientists and economists on why we need an honest debate about the facts of climate change.    

Governments around the world want to dramatically increase taxes, regulate energy supplies and limit individual choices to deal with climate change.    

But what do we really know about the science of climate change? Is climate change caused by humans?    

Is there really a ‘scientific consensus’?    

If you come across this flyer, email spams etc. let Watching the Deniers know.    

This is the start of their counter offensive.    

Let’s keep our eyes out.

9 thoughts on “New denialist campaign from IPA: the counter offensive has begun

  1. ScruffyDan says:

    Plimer and Monckton! Nothing like presenting two mutually exclusive theories as to why AGW is bunk to overturn a large body of science.

  2. davidpj says:

    Bleh. It seems that any book cover which poses rhetorical questions, to which the actual answer is ‘yes’, will be BS.

    The parallels to creationism in this whole scuffle are quite compelling. The difference is that it’s hard to point at a specific ideology motivating the contrarians, as a whole.

  3. Sou says:

    Now I’m delighted to know who the the world’s best scientists and economists are:

    With contributions from Ian Plimer, Richard Lindzen, Nigel Lawson, William Kininmonth, Willie Soon, Christopher Monckton, Garth Paltridge, Alan Moran, and John Roskam.

    And they want to charge good money for this?

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  6. […] publication, Climate Change: The Facts (CCTF) calls both the science and scientists into question. It is not a balanced publication […]

  7. cindybax says:

    this is very strange… there’s absolutely no mention of the book on the IPA’s main website. A key word search turns up the letter they wrote to Kevin Rudd about it . It’s like they don’t want to promote it or something.

    The letter is quite something. Bob Carter, Ian Plimer, Garth Paltridge, Pat Michaels, and Bill, Kininmonth, Alan Moran, Tim Wilson, Sinclair Davidson, Alex Robson, Christopher Monckton, Richard Tol, Brian Fisher, Aynsley Kellow, and Nigel Lawson.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Now that is indeed interesting… I have the package sent to MPs, and it is very slick. My review is almost done, so it will be intersting to what other make.

      Have they pulled it? Or decided to downplay it now?

      [Note: link you have not working, can you repost?]

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