Spinning the failure of the Climategate scandal: Jo Nova on ABC Drum

Facts: we don't need your facts, we have our own!


Jo Nova, our resident science mis-communicator is given another chance to confuse the climate debate by posting an article on the ABC’s Drum site:    

 The House of Commons committee was surely supposed to be protecting the citizens of the UK from being deceived and defrauded, so what did they say when faced with obvious malpractice? Did they draw their swords and declare that honest taxpayers deserve better? Not at all. They whitewashed it…    

..We’re supposed to “trust” that guys who wish harm on their opponents, who are hell-bent on finding support for their personal favourite hypothesis, who fear and thwart any effort to audit them, we’re supposed to believe these guys care about getting the research right? “    

Having seen the very personal and human cost of Climategate (see previous entry), it’s time to stand up to these bullies and professional liars.    

Nova has brought an army of posters from her own blog to berate, bully and spin the facts even further.  The debate is still raging.    

Go there, fight the good fight.


3 thoughts on “Spinning the failure of the Climategate scandal: Jo Nova on ABC Drum

  1. R.Byrne says:

    It’s difficult to get the truth out, without the mainstream media.
    Keep up the good work Jo.

    [I assume you understand this site is not Jo Nova’s? We disagree on a few points. ~ WTD]

  2. Sou says:

    I’ve done a bit but it’s hard to keep up with the one-liners from Nova and her crew.

    I popped over to her blog – hadn’t been there before. Any normal person who stumbles into her blog will see a huge difference between the comments on the Nova website and those on Unleashed. On her own website, she doesn’t seem to have anyone who disagrees with her weird view of the world (at least on the couple of pages I looked at).

    The ABC should have got their lawyers to look over the Nova article first. I doubt they would have allowed it. Apart from the straight out lies, it looks to me to be defamatory. Unleashed sets the bar very low. Even so, I didn’t think they’d let Nova’s article through. (I sent a complaint to the ABC.)

  3. Watching the Deniers says:

    The post has grown to an enormous length: a wall noise from the deniers trying to drown out intelligent debate.

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