The very human cost of Climategate

An article in the UK’s Times Online chronicles the very human cost of “Climategate”. It profiles Phil Jones, head of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia:

If the leak itself was bad, the aftermath was the stuff of nightmares. Even now, weeks later, Jones seems rigid with shock. “There were death threats,” he says. “People said I should go and kill myself. They said they knew where I lived.” Two more death threats came last week after the deputy information commissioner delivered his verdict, making more work for Norfolk police, who are already investigating the theft of the emails.

The effect on Jones was devastating. The worldwide outcry plunged him into the snakepit of international politics. It was, he agrees, “a David Kelly moment”.

“I did think about it, yes. About suicide. I thought about it several times, but I think I’ve got past that stage now.” With the support of his family, and particularly the love of his five-year-old granddaughter, he began to look forward again. He is still unwell, getting through the day on beta-blockers and the night on sleeping pills…”

What more can be said?

Jones is an honorable man, unjustly targeted and abused by the denial movement.

2 thoughts on “The very human cost of Climategate

  1. Berbalang says:

    I wish Phil Jones the very best in dealing with what has happened and hope to hacker is brought to justice.

  2. […] for Professor Jones I hope this brings some much needed relief. The campaign of intimidation and harrassement has placed a heavy toll on this honourable and talented scientist. Possibly related posts: […]

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