Blog improvements and how you can help

...and the crowd went wild. No, really they did.

Watching the Deniers is growing, and I’d like to thank everyone who has visited, commentated and added a link to their own blogs and web sites.I started the blog just over a month ago, and have appreciated both the positive and negative feedback. I’ve also received suggestions on how to improve this blog.

So, with much fanfare and the launching of virtual fire works, I’d like to highlight some recent improvements to the Watching the Deniers blog!

New pages and new content

Three new sections to find out about the denial movement, how they operate and how you can help blunt their attack on science:

  • Herald Sun’s War on Science – tracking and exposing how the HUN wages war against not just climate science, but all science.
  • How you can help – help me and this blog monitor their activities in the media. Not just in Australia, but anywhere else! The denial movement is a tightly run and organised cabal of PR hacks and spin doctors. What they say on a blog in the US, makes it’s way into the Australian media very quickly. Being forewarned means we can blunt their assault on science. We can use the network effect to great effect if we join virtual hands. Feel free to make suggestions for topics, point out spelling mistakes (OK, a few) and any errors in how I represent the science. I love to be wrong. No, really. It’s healthy.
  • The Evidence: how the deniers mislead – documents from the deniers themselves explaining how they wage their war on science and mislead the public. The first time I read these materials I was shocked. However, as the old saying goes “Know your enemy”.

New blog features

  • Enhanced discussion – recent comments are displayed at the top of the page. Tell me and others what you think. Start a conversation, join one. Challenge me, show your outrage or just say hi!
  • Email subscription feature – love the blog? Want to be kept up to date with my exciting posts? Then subscribe!
  • Tools for combating the deniers – links to external resources and articles on this blog that help you understand the denial movement and sharpen your research and critical thinking skills (see right hand navigation, a weedle bit down the page).

Take my blog, please!

Well actually, forward it to people who you think might be interested. This is how we shape public opinion one person at a time. Use the network effect!

Special thanks

I’d like to shout out to the following blogs and people for help Watching the Deniers grow:

Go there, see their great work.


5 thoughts on “Blog improvements and how you can help

  1. RinzeWind says:

    Now, the RSS feeds only show an excerpt of the articles. It would be great if they returned to the full length of the post.

  2. Anarchist606 says:

    Great stuff! The link for ‘The Evidence: how the deniers mislead’ is broken – got an extra http:// in…


    [Noted, and fixed. TY A606]

  3. For what it’s worth the citizenschallenge blog listed is a sorry neglected thing that I must get to fixing up…someday.

    I do have another blog at: that I feel more comfortable with and that I’ve finally upgraded and will try to keep updated.

    ps. Thank you Mike for giving me the inspiration to get off my duff and try a little harder.

  4. I actually blog about the father-of-all-climate-deniers: those who deny there are any limits to what Man can do to Nature, but your blog title is so catchy it came up on top in my search for like minded non-deniers.

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