The implications of CSIRO’s strategy are being noted…

It’s starting to click with others. People are understanding the strength of CSIROs strategy. An article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald backs up my basic points:

Like a punch drunk boxer climate science has been stumbling around for months after a barrage of punches from the climate sceptics.Monday’s release of a modest six-page report from Australia’s premier scientific body is the first sure-footed step the science community has taken for months…

…CSIRO and BoM’s intervention this week is what Flannery was calling for; a clear, unambiguous explanation of what is being observed and what it means, that ‘‘climate change is real.’’

BoM director Dr Greg Ayres said on releasing the report the purpose was provide ‘‘objective and observable climate information.’’

It’s what the public has been asking for, and the impact of “The State of the Climate” will only continue to grow. CSIRO/BoM are letting the facts speak for themselves.

Let’s hope more scientists and science communicators learn from this example. And for gawds sake guys – make damn sure the supporting data is accurate, relies upon good quality sources and peer reviewed research.

The last thing that’s needed is another IPCC-Glaciergate fiasco.


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