Tempering blogging enthusiasm: perspective and the long view

Keep some perspective on the debate... and your own writing

Obviously I’ve been keen on CSIRO’s recent strategy and their document. However, I’m keen to emphasise that this is by no means a decisive victory. It’s an encouraging development, and there are some signs that CSIRO have hit the mark with their approach.

However, it does not mean the editors at The Australian “have seen the light” or the denial movement is about to collapse. CSIRO sets a good example: scientists, bloggers and science communicators can learn from them.

The “fight” is by no means over.

Bloggers should always temper their enthusiasm: statements such as “this is the BIGGEST THING since X!” are hyperbole and only make the author look foolish. No-one is exempt from that, including myself.

Victories are made by a thousand small advances on a broad front.

CSIRO’s foray into the media over the last few days is one of those small, but significant advances.


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