Rage against the science: CSIRO makes deniers mad!

Co2 and Methine parts per million

The CSIRO has been making a concentrated effort to communicate the reality of climate change over the past few days in the Australia media. They’ve just put out a “easy to understand” six page report which illustrates long term warming trends. They state:

“Our observations clearly demonstrate that climate change is real. CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. will continue to provide observations and research so that Australia’s responses are underpinned by science of the highest quality.” – State of the Climate

It does not get any clearer than that.

But the last part of that quote has got the denial movement hoping mad. Science of the highest quality? Pfft to that! We’re not scientists, but we know more about science than they do!

Denier meltdown: I can’t, I won’t… I simply can’t believe it!

Three cheers for CSIRO for getting into the debate and putting real science out there to counter the lies, distortions and fantasies of the denial movement. It’s a good document: simple, clear and concise.

It distills a great deal of science’s understanding of climate change, and is about historical data, not the much derided “computer modelling”. Also, a big cheer for the Herald Sun who published a good article on the report.

Of course Australia’s most prominent denier, the Herald Sun’s very own Andrew Bolt goes apoplectic:

How much can this propaganda sheet be trusted to tell you the let-the-card-sfall-where-they-may truth?

The toxicity of the comments of the deniers needs to be seen to be believed. Anger, rage… and of course denial:

“…F*** the Met and F*** the CSIRO – we don’t deny the climate is changing, you stupid idiots; we deny that anthropogenic CO2 release is the major or only driver thereof. Stop being so disingenuous; we know what you’re trying to do and we don’t approve. My advice to school-leavers is to train as a meteorologist, because the new government is going to gut the bureau in its fury when it gets in, and rightly so. Never mind that they’re acting under orders – they can’t be trusted any more.”

“…The subversives, of which CSIRO and BOM, have proven their membership, along with the ABC, never cease their ridiculous tirade of unscientific nonsense.”

The only weapon the denialist have is to try and besmirch the reputation of the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO, accusing them of deception.

Which in the end, is all they’ve got: rage, anger and denial.

All they can do is hint at dark conspiracies and the workings of the evil UN, CSIRO, IPCC, world governments, Al Gore, scientists, public servants, the Labour Party, Keven Rudd, international capital, the ABC, Tim Flannery… it’s a paranoid, conspiratorial world view of “us” against “them”.

Note: The comments on Andrew Bolt’s blog are now >200, and full of wonderful howlers.


2 thoughts on “Rage against the science: CSIRO makes deniers mad!

  1. […] The CSIRO is a respected institution in Australia. People understand the work they do, and have great pride in its achievements. When the CSIRO speaks most Australians listen and accept their message. To attack and denigrate such a respected authority will only reflect poorly on them (a point Andrew Bolt fails to grasp). […]

  2. […] such as Andrew Bolt went straight into an apoplectic meltdown and attacked the credibility of the CSRIO […]

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