Guest post: Snow Doesn’t Mean No Global Warming

Peter over at Citizen’s Challenge has a great article on how on people can often be confused by what’s straight in front them. In this case, the record snow falls in the US seem to have made many question the reality of global warming:

“What a tough winter. Every time I look at the news there’s another extreme weather event happening. Vicious arctic cold fronts playing crack-the-whip across portions of the northern latitudes, then massive East Coast snow storms. Now I have contrarian friends laughing at me saying: “See there, the Earth is cooling. Your talk about Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax.”

Peter lives in the US, and offers a great “on the ground” perspective of just how the battle to shape public perception has trickled down to every level of society.

The rest of his great essay then addresses how the deniers (contrarians as Peter calls them) dismiss every piece of evidence placed before them:

“Yet, instead of honestly examining such evidence, contrarians shamelessly ignore all that proves them wrong. They seem to forget that part of being skeptical means being able to admit to mistakes and to learn from new information…”

I recommend reading the essay in full, in fact I wish I’d written it. He sums up many of my thoughts and concerns. I first came across his essay on the Center for Inquiry’s forums, and asked if he minded I re-posted it on my blog – my personal thanks to him for allowing me to share this.

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