Herald Sun War on Science: Bolt, Climate change is not happening! No, wait it is and it’s a good thing!

Nothing highlights the climate sceptics love of contradiction than how they manipulate science news.

While loudly proclaiming climate change is *not* happening , they will seize upon science related media/stories if they appear to support their arguments.

On the one hand sceptics happily challenge the authority of science, and yet on the other are more than happy to ride on the coat tails of science’s authority when it suits them.

One does not have to look hard to find examples of this on Andrew Bolts blog. Recently, Australia’s most preeminent sceptic seized upon a National Geographic article about the increasing rains and vegetation in the African Sahara. According to Bolt:

Africa might actually love that warming rain

Yet another climate alarmist on Jon Faine’s ABC Melbourne morning show was allowed this morning to claim, unchallenged, that global warming would cause devastating droughts in Africa.

No sooner claimed than disproved…

The article itself is interesting, and highlights the debate within the scientific community:

“An explosion in plant growth has been predicted by some climate models. For instance, in 2005 a team led by Reindert Haarsma of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in De Bilt, the Netherlands, forecast significantly more future rainfall in the Sahel. The study in Geophysical Research Letters predicted that rainfall in the July to September wet season would rise by up to two millimeters a day by 2080. Satellite data shows “that indeed during the last decade, the Sahel is becoming more green,” Haarsma said.

Even so, climate scientists don’t agree on how future climate change will affect the Sahel: Some studies simulate a decrease in rainfall. “This issue is still rather uncertain,” Haarsma said.

Max Planck’s Claussen said North Africa is the area of greatest disagreement among climate change modelers.

Forecasting how global warming will affect the region is complicated by its vast size and the unpredictable influence of high-altitude winds that disperse monsoon rains, Claussen added.

“Half the models follow a wetter trend, and half a drier trend.”

What is not being challenged is the reality of climate change. Bolt fails to understand this point,  instead believing it discredits the science underpinning our understanding of climate change.

Bolt: I heart climate change

Still, according to Bolt, Africa will “love” the changes brought about by climate change! Has Bolt changed his mind on the issue? Has reason prevailed? Sadly not.

Climate change denial actually comes in many flavours:

  • Outright denial: it simply is not happening
  • Limited denial: it is happening, but the changes will be negligible or even positive
  • Acceptance and resignation – sure it may be happening, but why do anything?

It would seem Bolt moves in and out of each of these depending on the point he is trying to make.  Typically Bolt prefers to deny climate change is happening, though on occasion he’ll happily accept legitimate science if he can score a rhetorical point against “warmists”.

One thing Bolt’s post does show: climate change  sceptics are consistent in their inconsistency.


3 thoughts on “Herald Sun War on Science: Bolt, Climate change is not happening! No, wait it is and it’s a good thing!

  1. manuelg says:

    It boggles my mind that these denialists are able to get away with this transparently silly sophistry.

    If I told my wife “I never had sex with that woman, and, if I did, it was purely physical” she would beat me with a frying pan, twice. And I would deserve it – one beating for treating her like an idiot, one beating for the infidelity.

    I remember on NPR (US National Public Radio, partly subsidized by taxes) a representative from the coal industry saying that burning coal couldn’t possibly contaminate lakes with mercury because of atmospheric effects, and, the contamination from mercury was too small to have a health effect. The NPR host did not notice that putting the two statements together actually rhetorically weakened both. That was one of many reasons why I don’t risk my high blood pressure by listening to NPR anymore.

  2. Adam says:

    From Boltas blog …

    “Pass on the news here, including tips on how to keep my focus playing tennis, as I’ll do again today. I beat myself every time. ”

    He does indeed..

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